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M1A1 U.S Prop.
M1A1 U.S Prop.

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This is a original US Property marked and British Lend Lease M1A1 WW2 Transferrable machine gun . Had a Thompson collecter give us the following report .


Notes from Pictures:
  • It is a Savage made Auto Ordnance Thompson.  Savage and Auto Ordnance were the only ones making the M1A1's out of Bridgeport.  There are greater numbers of Savage made M1A1's than AOC made M1A1 thompsons.
  • The serial number range is correct for the Savage made M1A1 Thompson's which is between the 300,000 - 575,000 range.
  • It has early Savage made parts from the change over from the 1928 commercial Savages to the M1A1 which was common on these.  Specifically the milled sling swivels and the waffled mag ejector.
  • Proper L sight with side wing protectors.
  • Markings: "P" proof on barrel is correct.
  • Markings: "GEG" George E. Goll Inspector marks are correct.
  • Markings: "<-" Broad arrow British government stamp is correct.
  • Markings: "S" Savage made markings.  Should also be an "S" on spring rod buffer end too, but not pictured.
  • Finish appears correct and possibly original.
  • I tend to believe that this M1A1 was for sure in the hands of British soldiers secondary to the remount of the sling swivels and hand made checkered marking on the fore stock.  Have seen many others similar to this and this was common for them to do.
  • Fore Stock is tapered and not squared on front edge.  Later wood was not finished on edges.
  • Did not see any other close up pictures of the wood for markings.
  • The US property roll marks are correct for Savage Thompson's.  The AOC roll marks are different and on 1 line and read upside down.    
  • The lower frame serial number was not noted in any pictures but would be nice if serial number matched.  During the run of these M1A1's they did not care to try and always match the lower serial numbers to the uppers.
  • I personally believe this gun was a earlier manufactured M1A1 possibly in Late 1941, secondary to the serial number and parts.
My opinion is the gun is legit, correct and proper.

Price: $26000.00

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