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Colt 614
Colt 614

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 Factory COLT Model 614 in 5.56mm civilian legal, transferable machine gun

Brand New Build. Colt Model 614 civilian legal, transferable machine gun in 5.56mm. From my personal collection. 60 Test rounds only on this investment grade firearm. The only part of this unit that consider “Used” is the hard to find Colt factory original Model 614 machine gun lower. This lower have virtually no rounds on it and in 100% condition. I purchased the complete gun from the original owner years ago. Then I decided to build what I would call “The Zombie Apocalypse “ gun for myself. 

LWRC 10.5” Gas Piston M6A3 in 5.56mm NATO. This upper features midlength short stroke gas piston system to reduce recoil and increases the speed of follow up shots. It features an (4) position (O-Off, S-Suppressed, N-Normal, A-Adverse) adjustable gas system to allow the user to adapt the rifle to different conditions. BCG is finished in Fail Zero coating and highly polished. POF-USA anti-tilt rotating cam pin provides additional reliability on this BCG group. LWRC Front and rear adjustable collapsing BUIS. Ambidextrous charging handle. HERA / GPM custom A.R.M.S. QD mounted forward grip (with storage compartment) with correct angel alignment to the real grip. 4 Prong muzzle brake. These was one of the best LWRC upper ever produced. Very hard to find as they are no longer in production. 

Colt Model 614 factory select fire. POF-USA drop in select fire trigger group with KNS pins. Colt select fire sear. MVB ARC-XTI Multi Position Titanium Rail Light Weight Collapsible PDW Stock. This was one off custom from my dear friends at MVB Industries. Norgon Ambidextrous mag release. Battel Arms Development Extended (right side) mag release. GPM “Bullet Proof” bolt catch. Troy Industries Enhance trigger guard. LWRC small parts kit. HERA pistol grip with storage compartment. 

A failsafe Trijicon sight firearms system TX30 that provides a fully illuminated reticle that's easy to see in virtually any lighting conditions, including partial or total darkness. This super dependable reflex-style Trijicon 30mm Tube TriPower Reflex Sight with Red Chevron Reticle TX-30 features an exclusive red chevron-shaped reticle illuminated by three lighting sources: Integrated Fiber Optic System, Tritium-Illuminated Reticle, On-Call Battery Backup. Trijicon TX30 30mm TriPower Riflescope - Red Chevron Reticle has been designed with the features to help ensure quality, ease of use and versatility. Includes Trijicon Tenebraex killFLASH Anti-Reflection Device. Aimpoint Yellow Filter. A yellow colored lens enhances visual contrast, and allows the human eye to locate and define a target better. 

Ammunition Support and Transport: 
(5)-30 Round Gen3 Window Pmags. Condore Tactical Range Case. 

On Form 4

Price: $30000.00

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