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Modular Safe
Modular Safe

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Modular Vault Information

2006 Modular vault manufactured by International Vault, NC.


12' wide

9' tall

30' long (unit can be shortened in length by 30" increments)

5" thick laminated wall/roof panels

Weight: approximately 23,000lbs

The Lightweight Modular Vault from International Vault has been

performance tested by Underwriters Laboratories to meet UL 608

Standards and GSA AA-V-2737 Standards.

Excellent for use in high-rise buildings with floor weight limits and

areas with difficult access.

Low-weight Laminated Panel Vaults

The panels are hand fabricated using a priority mix of tool

degrading and fire resistant materials.

The panels are completely encased in galvanized steel to insure

the highest quality interior and exterior finish.

The steel encasement also allows us to perform welding of panels

joint to joint upon site installation.

Materials within the panels are oriented by hand in a pattern

preventing de-lamination and all individual pieces are

ultrasonically bonded.

Hamilton Vault Door


4' wide

6'8" Tall

Interior wire mesh day door is included and installed.

Hamilton's Class 5 Vault Door is GSA Approved and conforms to Federal Specification AA-D-600. It is

approved for use by all federal agencies.

Hamilton also manufactures UL Rated Class 1, 2, & 3 Vault Doors and Modular Vaults used in industries

such as financial institutions, security dealers, gem and precious metal brokers, and pharmaceuticals.

Hamilton Products Group manufactures two levels of Class 5 Vault Doors.

The Class 5-A Armory Door is utilized for the storing of non-classified materials such as weapons,

narcotics, evidence, money and other valuables. The Class 5-A Armory Door provides the following

security protection:

30 man minutes against covert entry

10 man minutes against covert entry


Ideally this unit will be installed in an existing building, as it

is not water tight and not designed as a stand alone (outside) unit.

The modular panels allow strength with relatively light weight,

a small fork lift is all that was needed for disassembly of this unit

which was installed in a metal building. The panels interlock and

bolt to one another, and the wall panels are bolted to the floor with

a Hilti style fastener. There are conduit and fluorescent lights

included as is an alarm system that may be able to be used.

The unit is currently in storage and on pallets, it can be

shipped on a 48' flatbed trailer.

Price: $50000.00

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