This product is one of the best I've seen for keeping a good edge on working knives. It features 2 carbide inserts in an ABS plastic handel and has a full finger guard for safety. To use it, simply place and hold the knife edge up on a stable surface. Put the "V" notch of the sharpener over the knife edge and pull the sharpener along the edge of the knife. The two carbide inserts (which actually do the sharpening) are set to cut a new bevel on the blade, giving it a good edge. The first time you use it, it takes several passes of the tool to cut the proper bevel, but afte that it only takes a few passes to put the edge back on the knife. The carbide inserts are reversable for a long life (I've got one on the counter which is used all the lasts over a year. I've been using one at home for about 7 years and it's still going strong).


Accusharp Knife Sharpener order $12.95

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