These quality made jags hold patches tightly against the sides of the bore. They are made of brass, which is softer than steel, so they will not damage the rifling. Patch holders are a loop end for your rod (like the eye of a needle). The rifle/pistol patch holder is brass and the shotgun patch holder is nylon. All these items will fit normally threaded cleaning rods (not for Outers rods).


JAG-226 17 to 20 cal jag brass order $x.xx
JAG-227 22 to 25 cal jag brass order $x.xx
JAG-228 27 to 32 cal jag brass order $x.xx
JAG-229 38 cal & 9mm jag brass order $x.xx
JAG-230 40 to 41 cal jag brass order $x.xx
JAG-231 44 to 45 cal jag brass order $x.xx
ACC-11 all cal patch holder brass order $x.xx
ACC-16 all gague patch holder nylon order $x.xx



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