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What's New (added Dec. 1998)


Let me introduce myself, so you will know who I am, and why I can provide services to you. My name is Will Hale, and I've been involved with guns all of my life. I grew up in a small town in north central Texas where a gun was a tool, and almost every boy learned how to use one well and safely. I was a tinkerer and liked to know how things worked so I took apart and put back together a whole bunch of guns when I was a kid, and some of the neighbor kids even had me fix some of their gun problems.

I started making my living with a gun in the late 1960's, when the Marine Corps handed me one. Since that time I've made my living either carrying one (military, law enforcement/security), selling them or fixing them. At the same time I've been a serious competitor in National Match High Power Rifle, shot some competitive Trap and some IPSC type pistol.

I started Big Bear Gun Works with a few thousand bucks because I was (a) tired of working for other people, (b) tired to living in Los Angeles and (c) tired of selling people junk just because my boss got a good deal on it.

That idea of not selling junk has evolved into the of principles I use to run my business:

1. I would be willing to personally use whatever I sold for its intended purpose whether that was target shooting, hunting or self-defense.

2. I make sure that the customer knows both the good and bad points about anything I sell.

3. The item gives good value for the price.

Sure, there are some things that I sell (inexpensive handguns in particular) which I would prefer not to use, but if someone needs a handgun for self protection and doesn't have much money to invest and doesn't plan to shoot it very much then some of the "cheepies" are all right. I'm honest with those people, making sure that they understand about the reliability and durability of the gun and exactly what they are getting for their hard earned money.

My way of doing business won't change just because we are not face to face.


Will Hale


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