(January 1999)

I've added a number of new drawings: Browning BLR, Browning BAR, Browning BL-22, Colt S frame pistol, Dan Wesson 44, Remington 510, Remington 514, Remington 700, Rossi 62, Springfield 1903. Springfield 1863, Springfield 1873, Stevens Favorite, S&W 29, S&W 52, Winchester 1200, Winchester 1400, Winchester 9422 Winchester 94 (both pre and post 64), Winchester 12, Winchester 88, and Winchester 70 post 64.. Go to the Exploded Drawings Index


(December 1998)

I'm starting an on line catalog that you will be able to order things from when its finished. Until I can get it finished you can either call me or fax me or e mail me with an order. Thanks.


(November 1997)

This is the first major revision of these pages and was posted on November 1997.

I am pleased to announce that there is a new associate working with me in the shop...he is a Weimaranger named Star, and (of course) he has his own page.

One of the new additions is the Do-It-Yourself Gunsmithing page. The first article is how to change the magazine catch of a Berretta pistol from right to left hand operation. More articles with illustrations will be added in the future.


There are several new exploded drawings:


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