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FLIR ThermoSight
FLIR ThermoSight

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Picatinny Rail Mount
Adjustable Reticle
Image Capture
High Resolution
FLIR’s compact ThermoSight thermal imaging weapon scope allows you to see and target in total darkness. Suspects can’t easily hide their heat, so you can see them when they might otherwise be camouflaged by darkness or their surroundings. When you search for suspects with flashlights or searchlights, they know where you are, and where you are looking. This can make you a target. With a FLIR thermal imager you remain covert, increasing your safety.

You can quickly identify recently-parked cars, find objects discarded at a crime scene, and see through smoke and light fog. FLIR’s ThermoSight uses the same technology that the airborne law enforcement crews use to support you overhead. The ThermoSight weapon scope is the only lightweight thermal imager with “instant on” operation that can save 70 still images to internal storage for download through a USB cable. What’s more, live video can be displayed on any standard TV monitor.The ThermoSight package includes a rail mount adapter for use as a thermal weapon sight and an adjustable on-screen reticule for bore sighting. ThermoSight is ideally suited for SWAT use and can double as a hand held thermal scope.

Feature Benefits
• Long-wave thermal imaging sensor Provides crisp thermal imagery through total darkness, fog, smoke, dust, and
many other atmospheric obscurants
• Dual use design Can be readily used as a rugged, hand-held imager, and as a thermal weapon
sight for scouting, surveillance, and covert operations
• Electronic bore sighting Quickly and easily set bore sighting with an overlay crosshair
• No special batteries required Runs on 4 commercially available AA batteries, will last 7 hours with Lithium
cell batteries.

The ThermoSightSight ships with: System, Rail Mount, USB Cable, SMA-to-BNC Cable, Manual and Carry Case.

Price: $11245.00

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