MK 6900 Crusader II

  • Generation 2 (Prime)
  • Red-on-Green Reticle
  • High Power IR Included

Do you want a high end Gen 2 weapon sight? If so then the new Aries 6900 “Crusader” is for you. It doesn‘t get any better then the Aries 6900 Crusader when it comes to performance. For the MK6900 we use a top of the line “Prime Select” US 2nd Gen.+ light intensifier tube for added light gain and resolution. Combine this select tube with 5x magnification and a super fast F:1.4 lens the image that you will get out of your Crusader is unbelievable. The best optics, tubes and a 3 year warranty makes the Aries 6900 Crusader one of the best night vision weapon sights there is.

Price: $1995.00

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