Styer Aug Package

Seen here is the Famous Styer Aug of Austria the most revolutionary and well known and respected Bullpup machine guns ever made. This is a fully transferrable machine gun in Cal 5.56 manufactured and registered by Ballistics one of the most respected and collected maker of machine guns. This firearm is on a form 3 and will E file. Coming with this gun is the 4th Gen 9mm conversion kit with spare magazines and a second burst fire control making this one great versatile and complete package. $45,000.00 Plus freight

Factory Original AUG
with 2-5.56 barrels
1-9mm barrel with complete 9mm conversion kit
2-5.56 Sear Packs FA and 3 Round Burst
1-9mm FA Sear Pack
5-9mm mags
1-5.56 mag
1-9mm SD Custom Suppressor SN To the gun Brand New.