The unit was in the Belgium army. It was surplused by them and went to Poland. It was bought from the buyer who got them from the MOD, these units where cherry picked for a customer who wasn’t able to follow through. So these are the cleanest and best running of all the units that where sold. The word on the ground is that the Dutch and Italy have requested to buy any units that are coming up for sale because of the tensions with Russia. This is likely the last chance to get one. There was 32 units that came out, half were sold in country, less then ten will be imported to the US. The unit is full functional, the biggest difference in the tanks are where they are surpluses too. If the tanks had gone through Germany they would have to be gutted to sell. All of the fire control units and electronics are intact on this unit. For the true armor collector if the buyer wishes we can set up a trip for them to drive the unit and possibly shoot the main gun before demil for an added cost. The main gun works, the tank runs and drives very nicely. We have an independent 3rd party inspector view the unit, and do a quality 100 point check that we will provide to the buyer. We handle all import requirements, demil and shipping to a port in the US. If the customer wishes we can also get the unit refurbed before importing for them at an added cost.

Price: $250000.00

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