SWD M11/ Tac Pac

Complete And Ready For Deployment. SWD M11/9 Tac-Pack

Flawless Condition. Super Low Round Count On The SMG.


This Is What Included:


(1)-SWD Side Folder Submachine Gun in 9mm With Gas Pedal Mag Release. (NIB Condition)

(1)-MAX-11 LAGE Manufacturing Upper Receiver With LWRC Folding Grip.  (Factory New)

(1)-Custom HK Style Side Charger Upper Receiver With Forward Grip.

(1)-Factory Original M-11/Nine Cobray 9mm Upper Receiver & Strap.

(1)-Custom Suppressor. XL Volume. SN # To The Submachine Gun.  (Factory New)

(1)-Custom Adapter For The Suppressor 3/4X10 (1/2x28TPI) Inc.   (Factory New)

(1)-SWD Factory Original Bolt in 9mm (In Excellent Condition).

(1)-SWD Long Flash Hider / Barrel Extension. (3/4X10).

(1)-SWD Tread Protector (3/4X10).

(1)-Custom 4 Prong Flash Hider.  (Factory New)

(2)-South African 35 Rnd Mags.

(1)-Condor FDE Range Case.      (Factory New)

(2)-Factory Manuals.



Mags Are Metal And SUPER Rare !!


Buy With Confidence! You Will Not Be Disappointed!

            !! Pictures Tell The Story !!

Form 3 e file $22,000